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ulaHealth, 2016 Blockchain + Health Innovation Summit, is a digital health conference in Austin, Texas that brings together a diverse group of minds from technology (blockchain), medicine, healthcare, health policy and others to tackle healthcare’s most challenging problems through interactive programming.

Exploring the intersections of blockchain and healthcare, register and join the conversations

Hosted @ Google Fiber Space
October 20th 2016
Austin Texas
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explore blockchain ed tour

The summit kicks off with educational sessions to understand the blockchain technology from industry experts. A blockchain overview will be followed by Q&A on possibilities of blockchain in healthcare. As a group of social innovators and entrepreneurs working towards changing the existing healthcare paradigms, we seek to create new opportunities and value in the healthcare systems.

engage massive design

The 2016 ulaHealth blockchain + health innovation summit is an evolution of cultivateHealthATX that brought together healthcare professionals, technology companies, payors, providers, non-profits and community to test and validate innovative ideas. This year welcomes talks around a "massive design" concept towards identifying opportunities for blockchain in healthcare settings.

network tech + health + legal

We are bringing together experts from blockchain, health and legal to participate in fireside chats, panels will discuss pain points, unmet needs and explore potential obstacles and challenges.

What can impede blockchain in healthcare? Hear various perspectives from government, health legal and tech.

speakers and moderators

Hector Torres


Dr Ray Atilano


Mikaela Berman


Dr. Thomas Caven, M.D.

Chief Medical Officer and Medical Director at UMC Brackenridge Hospital

Paula X. Rojas

UT Dell Medical School Community Equity Strategy Consultant and Co-Founder & Creator of Mama Sana/Vibrant Woman

Dr. William M. Sage, MD, JD

Professor of Surgery and Perioperative Care, Dell Medical School

Sloane Brakeville, Blockchain Architect

IBM Blockchain Labs, North America

Shahryar Sedghi, Blockchain Architect

IBM Blockchain Labs, North America

Fausto Bernardini, IBM Watson Health

Vice President and DE, Watson Health Cloud Development

Anas Daghestani, M.D., CEO

CEO and President of Austin Regional Clinic, he is an Internal Medicine physician and practices part-time, and serves as the Medical Director for ARC's Population Health and Clinical Quality Department

Manish Naik, M.D., CMIO

Leads the EMR department at Austin Regional Clinic. Dr Naik is a Internal Medicina physician, practicing part-time as well as serving as the Assistant Chief to the Internal Medicine Department

Patti Parker

Vice President Population Health/Clinical Quality Programs, she leads the operations of the Medical Home/Population Health and Clinical Quality Department, focusing on business and strategic development

Julian L. Rivera

Partner, Husch Blackwell, LLP - Julian is a partner in Husch Blackwell’s Healthcare, Life Sciences & Education business unit in Austin, Texas. His practice involves the representation of healthcare providers in business and litigation matters.

Rachael Padgett

Partner McGinnis Lochridge - Health Law, Privacy and Data Security, President's Council of the Seton Fund, Rachael represents those dedicated to Seton's mission and the success of Dell Seton Medical Center at the University of Texas.

Sarah Churchill Llamas

Senior VP, Strategic Business Development at Sonic Healthcare USA. She is also an operations executive, health lawyer, and nationally-recognized expert in health IT solutions and appointed a Health IT Fellow by the ONC for Health IT under HHS.

Dr Venktesh Ramnath

Pulmonologist, Intensivist, Tele-Physician; Consulting Assistant; Consulting Assistant Professor at Stanford University School of Medicine

Beto Lopez

Managing Director, University of Texas at Austin, Design Institute for Health

Jeff Brandt

Digital Mobility Manager of Connected Healthcare IoT, Security and Mobile Health Initiatives

Brad Chun

Founder and CEO, Mooti

Susan Poole

Founder, BlockBridge Advisory

Mark Morris

CEO/CTO, lejer9


Full agenda at evenbrite, click here
We accept bitcoin